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Well, I finally got on board the whole Downton Abbey frenzy. Before watching it, I thought that everyone was crazy for loving an old school, British show. But after watching my first episode on Netflix, I kinda freaked out and watched the whole first season in just 2 days (I may have neglected my kids a bit!) and am now just waiting to find a way to watch Season 2.
It truly is as good as everyone is saying, and it’s funny how watching the show can make an impact on me. I heard Carson say this phrase, and immediately knew that I had to make it into a printable for my home.

“What would be the use in living if we didn’t let life change us?”

I actually made it in 2 different formats. One more modern, one that has more of a Downton Abbey theme to it.
You can download the modern one here (without watermark)
and the Downton Abbey theme one (pictured above) here (without watermark)

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