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Our Thrifty Ideas: Organize and decorate your cords with Washi Tape

A couple of months ago, I saw how Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything organized her cords, and I fell in love. But then, I forgot about it. The other day, I pulled out an old cell phone, and went in search of the charging cord for it, and my frustration hit a high note. I encountered a full grocery bag full of 25-30 cords, all tangled together, and most we didn’t even know what they went to or why we had it.
I immediately remembered Leanne’s tutorial and made it my own to organize our horrible mess.
washi tape

Using toilet paper rolls, I wrapped the darker spots (where the tacky stuff holds on the paper) with washi tape. I did find out that the tape didn’t hold extremely well on the cardboard, so I used some scotch tape to hold the two ends together.
Then after rolling up the cords, I stuffed them into the roll and marked them a with a little piece of tape as to what the cord belongs to.
Now, they are neatly placed into a tub, where there’s no untangling, and we know what they belong to (well most of them…we still haven’t figured out a few!).
Our Thrifty Ideas: Organize and decorate your cords with Washi Tape


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  1. They turned out really cute Vanessa! I love the washi tape! Don’t you love having all your cords organized now?

  2. I love this idea! I just threw away a bunch of rolls that I was saving for Keynes birthday. The way I’m going through TP it won’t take long to get stocked up

  3. Those washi tapes are cute. Nice idea Vanessa! I’ll now start keeping my rolls…

  4. What a clever idea!
    It’s always a pain when those cables get tangled.
    I should start saving up my rolls today and start picking my washi tape.

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  6. Opps, That was the wrong address! I knew there was a good reason I had to be holding on to those! So glad I found these over at the Sundae Scoop! I hope you’ll drop by and check out my “No Ordinary Carrot Cake!” , I’m number 389!

  7. Such smart ideas!! Shared for sure! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet you in person at SNAP!! <3

  8. Hi! I did a round up about crafts with toilet paper rolls and yours was great so I thought it would be great to include it, I hope this is ok for you. I provided your link and give credit to your site, here’s the post in case you want to check it:


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