{Recipe} Stuffed Tomatoes

The other night, we had nothing but appetizers for dinner! It was so fun because we sat on the living room floor as a family, ate, and watched the Olympics. It was a great family bonding time, and all of the food was so yummy. I’m definitely going to be doing it again.

But I thought I would share one of the recipes with you. Stuffed tomatoes, with cream cheese and mozzarella cheese. YUM!

cheese stuffed tomatoes


  • Cherry Tomatoes – with the center cleaned
  • 1/4 cup cream cheese at room tempature
  • 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese – shredded

To clean the center of your tomatoes, you will slice a small portion of the top off. Then using your pinky (because it’s your smallest finger, and you probably don’t have a spoon small enough) clean the seeds out of the middle.

Mix your two cheeses together, and then place a small amount into the center of the tomato.

cheese stuffed tomatoes

That is it…they are so yummy, and a great way to use up all of those fresh tomatoes that may be coming on your vine right now, or go buy some fresh ones at the farmers market!

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