Yesterday was such a beutiful day!!! I can not even explain how ready I am for warm weather. When I walk outside in my barefeet and the sidewalk is warm under my toes, it melts my heart! I suddenly start to picture all the great memories that we will have in the great outdoors this summer!

With that warm weather, I had to head straight to the store and buy fresh fruit!! It truely is one of the best parts of Summer.
And guess what, Walmart had strawberries on sale for just $.99! So of course I had to buy a whole bunch!
Once I got home, all of a sudden it hit me that I think I bought way too many! Guess everything is going to have strawberries for the next few meals!
So yesterday we had an amazing Strawberry Orange & Pineapple smoothie!
A few tips in making this:
Put the ice in the blender and put it on pulse. It will chop the ice into little pieces.
Let ice cream soften a bit otherwise it will be too thick to drink thru a straw!
Cut strawberries into slices for easy blending.
You can download the recipe card by clicking on the image, then right clicking and saving the image to your desktop!
Today we had strawberry waffles!!! YUM

Come back tomorrow for a homemade recipe for Waffles {from scrath, none of this from a mix stuff!} that will make YOUR strawberry waffles to die for!

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  1. Yummy! I bet this would work well with some frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. 🙂

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