Yummy Egg Rolls

Ever get one of those random Prego Cravings?!
The ones where you literally think
“WHAT? Where did that come from?”
Today I woke up wanting Egg Rolls…I haven’t had an egg roll in years. I have no idea where the craving came from. But I was determined to have one today!
I interrupt this Egg Roll post with a random side note!
Lately I have been on Sean’s case for eating out all the time. It’s such a waste of money. I don’t understand why you would spend $10 on a meal at the fast food restaurant, when you could pack a lunch from home for, say $1.

Ok, now back to the post!
Because I knew that going out to get an egg roll was OUT OF THE QUESTION (to avoid the “I told you so” from Sean), I had to make them myself!
It has been at least 10 years since I have made an Egg Roll.
But I figured it was like riding a bike….right?
You never forget how….right?
Yup, I was right!!!!
Egg Rolls
All you need:
Shredded Chicken
Egg Roll Shells

It definitely helps to have one of these beauties! I got it for my birthday, and it is my favorite kitchen item!!!

I cut my cabbage by hand, but used the salad shooter for the rest of the veggies!

Then, soak them for 30 minutes completely covered by water.

And of course, while the veggies are soaking, you might as well enjoy some ants on a log with your extra celery!

We were out of raisins, but The Little Man would not eat them without the “ants”! So I had to sub with chocolate chips. Trust me, he did not mind one bit, as chocolate chips are his favorite things ever!
If you haven’t made these before, they are a great learning item for the little ones. We’ve taught William to pick which one has 1, 2, and 3 ants on it!

Once the 30 minutes of soaking is up; you will combine 3 eggs, soy sauce (or another sauce, I used a teriyaki sauce) and salt & pepper in another bowl.
Drain all the water from the veggies and add the shredded chicken, then combine with the egg mixture.

Then you are ready to roll your Egg Rolls!
One at a time, place the wrapper diagonal and the filling in the center.
Fold the bottom corner up, then the sides in, and continue rolling up. It helps to wet down the sides to make the wrapper stick to itself.

Bring oil to about 350degrees. I filled my pan about 1/2 inch deep.

Fry each side until lightly brown.


What a fabulous dinner!
Of course, none would be complete in the Barker household without some fruit as well as a delicious dessert!

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  1. YUMMY! These look fantastic.

  2. Amazing! Now I wonder if i can make my own egg roll wraps. Need duck sauce too! lol

  3. I have never made my own-I will have to try it! You should try the General Tsao sauce from Trader Joe’s, it is to die for! It is my new sauce addiction. I think it would go wonderful with these, thank you for the instructions! Yum!

  4. Yummaramma! We love these and i have always been too intimidated to make them. You make it look easy–wishing that i had the salad shooter though! 🙂
    And, Ants on a log?! How fun! My kids would love it..especially with the choc chips!

  5. I’ve been making egg rolls like this for years and when I tell people how easy it is to make egg rolls at home they never want to believe me.

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