New “NEED” to have item!

Update: These are NOT available online, just in store. I just found the pictures online!
Also, let us know if you have seen them anywhere else

Ok Utahans out there….are you addicted to Studio 5 like I am?!

I have it set to DVR each day, and while William naps, I get to go back and watch.
Did you see today’s segment? They showed these amazing cups, that I just decided I MUST HAVE. These are not a want….they are a NEED! (not if you ask my husband, but who’s gonna ask him?!)
I am a DR PEPPER ADDICT!!! And if you have met me, you know that I usually have a can, cup, or something in my hand that contains DP. So looks like this summer, you will see me sporting these amazing cups!!
I found these online at and guess what, they are on sale!! Just $4.99 down from $9.99. Here’s the details about it from the website!
Are you as inlove as I am?!
~Get your thrift on!
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  1. They are at walmart, solid colors, and polka dots!! and they are 24 oz and you can buy replacable straws!!!! they were 4.96 i think, i picked up that and the straws (4pk) total around 6 dollars give or take!! love it

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