Weekly Craft Day – Amazing Homemeade Stocking Tutorial!

I know that we had 2 Weekly Craft Day posts today, but they are both so dang cute.
I was going to wait until next week to post this tutorial, but figured that most people would probably be getting in the Christmas Spirit very soon, so it is a must have NOW! so that we can all make our own stockings to decorate with.
Micah from Restoration Threads was so kind and make a Stocking Tutorial just for Our Thrifty Ideas.
First off, a little about Micah
Hello all, my name is Micah, I am a Restorer Extrodinaire! Just kidding, really I
am a fabric addict who loves to sew and create. I take fabric that is unappreciated and
restore it into something wearable and beautiful. Unless otherwise noted all items in
my store are made with recycled materials. Every piece is handcrafted in my studio. I also
custom make clothing and would be delighted to make you something out of
your unused clothing.
She made sure that this was very easy, and you could even make it with items from around the house…yes that means FREE! Or just head over to your local thrifty store and buy a very inexpensive top!! Sometimes the “uglier” the better!!!
Without further adieu, Micah!!!
Okay, so I love getting a deal or making something cute and wonderful out of old “useless” things. Since the holidays are upon us I really wanted it to feel like home around my house, (but not in that I just bought these decorations at Walmart kind of way). So, the idea of some cute stockings came to my mind. I really am loving these sweater pillows that are in the stores so I thought why not a sweater stocking!?! I found this old sweater that still had great color, without snags, etc..at a local thrift store. I think I paid like $2 for it! Here’s the steps:
Step One:
Sketch on paper a pattern/template for your stocking. You can use an old paper bag, wrapping paper, or whatever is lying around. Keep in mind that you will be sewing two sides together so the finished stocking will be smaller than your template. I usually do 1/2″ seam allowance on every side. I wanted my stocking to be a little skinnier than the average ones so that’s how I drew mine. Then cut out your pattern. (please disregard the extra line near the top..that was my mistake)
Step Two:
Lay the pattern flat on whatever part of your sweater you want to cut out. Since I wanted the black and white pattern I laid mine on the front. **Bonus** I cut off the buttons and will use them in a future project. Pins don’t always work easily with knits so I just laid some soup cans for fabric weights to hold the pattern in place as I cut around it. Once you have cut out your first side of the stocking, flip the pattern over and lay again on your sweater. Be sure that this next piece you cut will be going the opposite way of your first. You don’t want the inside of your sweater to be facing out on your stocking! This is what you should end up with.
Step Three:
Now, if you have a nice hem on your sweater you can use it as the top of your stocking and you will be able to skip this step. My pattern didn’t allow me to do that however. What I did instead to finish the edge was cut out a separate piece (that happened to be the hem from the back of the sweater) the same length of my stocking. I laid and pined the pieces right faces together and sewed.
Step Four:
By now you should have two separate pieces, a front and a back. Lay them right sides together and sew around the perimeter, these two pieces should pin together nicely and be fairly easy for you. At this point my sewing machine gave up on me and I ended up doing the rest by hand…which I pray you do not have to do! 😉 It really wasn’t that bad, I promise! Then I just hand sewed a ribbon as the hang tie and hung it on my fireplace. Voila! Christmas is here!
You can use any fabric you like and these steps will still work for you. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and the Holidays are bright and cozy around your home too.
How dang cute is this?!
You also need to check out all of Micah’s other work. She is so great at working old clothes into something new and exciting again.
Make sure to check out Restoration Threads on Etsy
Use an old sweater to make your own custom DIY stockings. Full tutorial on this blog
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    This is so adorable! I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the great tutorial.

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