PATRIOTIC DESSERT – red & blue cheesecake in a jar

Probably my all time favorite treat is cheesecake. So what is better than putting my favorite treat with my favorite holiday? Probably absolutely nothing except the perfect patriotic dessert! So today’s recipe is totally and completely simple. Use a boxed cheesecake mix (I could live forever off Jell-O’s no bake cheesecake, and that alone) or […]

Winter Wonderland Mix

Check out the ingredient used to give this Winter Wonderland Mix it’s great flavor! I’ve been playing around with a few different chex mix recipes and thrown in a few of my own ideas. This has been tweaked a few different times, before we finally landed on this final recipe. It turned out so amazing, […]

{Virtual Bake Sale} Chocolate Mint Bark

  Today I am sharing with you guys a quick and easy treat that is perfect for this holiday season. You can make it small or you can make a TON of it. Either way, you may gain a pound or two! PrintChocolate Mint Bark IngredientsMilk Chocolate Chips White Chocolate Chips Andie’s Mint ChipsInstructionsMelt each […]

Healthy Holiday Traditions

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Squatty Potty toilet stool.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own. I am so excited for the holidays. There’s just something about the smell, the emotional feel of baking, and more that get me giddy and all sentimental. This year we are trying to cut back […]