Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler

One of Sean’s favorite things to eat is cobbler, so when Sean came home one day a few years ago and said he was going to make cobbler that night (he DOESN’T COOK) I was shocked. I didn’t know that meant he was going to be using just 3 ingredients and cooking it outside. I […]

Oreo Poké Ball Pops – Tutorial

We just got done with another crazy FB live video that involved the kids, the UPS man showing up, and a very excited 6 year old who got a new stuffed animal. But even more exciting than all that, is the cute Poké Balls that we created out of Oreos!!! Supplies: Oreos Sucker Sticks White […]

Pumpkin Fudge Parfait

You know my 3 ingredient fudges that I’ve shared? Well I thought that I would give a pumpkin one a shot this year. It was so good, but never set up like a fudge. It stayed more pudding like consistency. So what could I do with this yummy concoction? I had this vanilla pudding on […]

Caramel Apple Crisp Bars

   Before this year, I didn’t like pumpkin treats. So each fall I would indulge in a plethora of apple baked goods. For some reason that has changed and I really enjoy pumpkin this year. So I completely surprised myself when I realized that this was the first apple dessert I have made this fall. […]