Winter Themed Bunco Printables

Well apparently it takes someone emailing me to get my butt in gear. I’ve had these printables done and ready to go for almost a month now, but completely forgot to put them on the site for you all to download. So here I am, now, finally, putting them up. You can all thank Jen […]

cold weather slow cooker recipes

I am obsessed with my crockpot, especially in the cold winter months. There’s just something about a warm home cooked meal, and smelling it cook all day that is comforting. So I’ve rounded up some of the best slow cooker recipes.  

Winter Wonderland Mix

Check out the ingredient used to give this Winter Wonderland Mix it’s great flavor! I’ve been playing around with a few different chex mix recipes and thrown in a few of my own ideas. This has been tweaked a few different times, before we finally landed on this final recipe. It turned out so amazing, […]