DIY Halloween Wreath

  I am so excited to decorate for Halloween this year! Oh heck, I’m just excited for ALL the holidays! I slowly get into them each year, but I’m overly excited for some reason and I’ve gotten a head start for Halloween.   I just finished an awesome and WAY cheap wreath!   Supplies: foam wreath […]

The last little while has finally seemed like Summer. We are loving it at the Barker House!!! Unfortunately we have been having so much fun, that the blog got neglected! Don’t you worry, I PROMISE to catch you up on everything that has happened. We have been keeping busy by Crafting Riding 4-wheelers Running thru sprinklers […]

Easy Taco Soup

With only 6.5 weeks until Baby Girl Barker gets here, I am already planning for my down time. I was not expecting the down time with William, but fortunately had food already for the hubby to make. I am hoping to be just as prepared this time as well! One of the best ways to […]

Banana Pops

To top off the “Worlds Greatest Aunt” title, I had the kids make Banana Pops for dessert! YUM! Even I enjoyed them. What you’ll need: Straws Barely ripe Bananas Meltable chocolate (I used chocolate chips) Sprinkles Have the children cut the bananas into bite size pieces. slide the bites onto a straw, This is where the […]