Yesterday was such a beutiful day!!! I can not even explain how ready I am for warm weather. When I walk outside in my barefeet and the sidewalk is warm under my toes, it melts my heart! I suddenly start to picture all the great memories that we will have in the great outdoors this […]

Yummy Egg Rolls

Ever get one of those random Prego Cravings?! The ones where you literally think “WHAT? Where did that come from?” Today I woke up wanting Egg Rolls…I haven’t had an egg roll in years. I have no idea where the craving came from. But I was determined to have one today! I interrupt this Egg […]

Yarn Crazy Day!

It may have taken me FOREVER, but here are the new and improved yarn eggs!   But first of all, a moment of silence for my poor finger that WAS harmed in the making of this post….. Thanks! I’m normally so good with my glue gun. But today was just a struggle between us! My […]

White Chocolate Popcorn – Sweet treat for a night in

Tonight has been one of those nights….ya know where you think nothing is going right. We just got back from vacation, and everything seems to go wrong. The little man broke Sean’s Xbox Someone broke into our other house AGAIN today, and took even more stuff (2nd time in 2 weeks). At least this time […]