Easy Taco Soup

With only 6.5 weeks until Baby Girl Barker gets here, I am already planning for my down time. I was not expecting the down time with William, but fortunately had food already for the hubby to make. I am hoping to be just as prepared this time as well! One of the best ways to […]

Banana Pops

To top off the “Worlds Greatest Aunt” title, I had the kids make Banana Pops for dessert! YUM! Even I enjoyed them. What you’ll need: Straws Barely ripe Bananas Meltable chocolate (I used chocolate chips) Sprinkles Have the children cut the bananas into bite size pieces. slide the bites onto a straw, This is where the […]


Yesterday was such a beutiful day!!! I can not even explain how ready I am for warm weather. When I walk outside in my barefeet and the sidewalk is warm under my toes, it melts my heart! I suddenly start to picture all the great memories that we will have in the great outdoors this […]

Yummy Egg Rolls

Ever get one of those random Prego Cravings?! The ones where you literally think “WHAT? Where did that come from?” Today I woke up wanting Egg Rolls…I haven’t had an egg roll in years. I have no idea where the craving came from. But I was determined to have one today! I interrupt this Egg […]