{Recipe} Homemade Pizza Rolls

Guess what you guys? Sometimes when you run out of ingredients at your house, a new recipe immerges! And it can be really good. The kids requested pizza for dinner, so I went to make the dough. But I was out of flour. Seriously, who runs out of flour?! Oh yah, me. So I went […]

Pinecone Animals {Crafting with Your Kids}

Create Pinecone Animals with your kids, letting their imaginations run wild using different craft mediums to make the animal come to life. My neighbors have gotten to know me all too well in the 2 years we have lived here. They know not to throw anything away without asking me about it. Even down to […]

Handmade Little Girls Necklace

When I get a chance to craft with the kids, and for the kids, I am ecstatic. It is such a fun opportunity to watch the creative minds of a little one at work. Not only can they create a world full of dinosaurs and flying cats, but they can also make fun art projects […]

Child to Cherish Handprint Ornament

Some families have the fancy decorated trees with matchy ornaments and are symmetrical from all angles. Not my family! Growing up my family started a fun tradition that I have loved so much that I have kept the tradition with my family. We each get a personalized ornament each year and that becomes our ornament […]