DIY Superhero Mask

I’m so excited today to share this tutorial with you guys. My kids have absolutely loved it, and so we know have the supplies on hand at all times for when they come up with a new idea for a superhero. The best part of this, the kids can be whoever they want. My kids […]

Spring Treat idea

{Spring Treat}   We have people moving in and out of our neighborhood and ward quite often. I’ve learned that the best way to get to know the new people is to take a treat! So I’ve made a bunch of these Spring Treat pillow boxes using my Cricut (cut from the Tags Bags Boxes […]

14 Valentine decor

I’ve been having so much fun finally getting some decor up on the walls at home. I decided to use things that can get switched out with each season/holiday and this beadboard plaque is a perfect way to do this. I got a 16” x 3′ beadboard cut at Wood Creations Dixie and primed/painted it […]

DIY Kids Shower Curtain

I’m really loving coming up with new ways to make this new place our own. Because it’s a rental, we can’t go as far as painting things to brighten or personalize a room, but we have been finding fun ways to do it still. We focused a little bit of time on the kids’ bathroom, […]