DIY Kids Shower Curtain

DIY Shower Curtain for Children

I’m really loving coming up with new ways to make this new place our own. Because it’s a rental, we can’t go as far as painting things to brighten or personalize a room, but we have been finding fun ways to do it still. We focused a little bit of time on the kids’ bathroom, and I love how it has turned out!

DIY Shower Curtain for Children

We kept the fun bathroom signs that we used in the last house. We are still loving them, and they really do remind the kids to flush, wash or brush daily!

I bought our white shower curtain at Walmart for about $5. I also purchased a white plastic liner to protect the fabric liner, and also to make the liner more of a solid white color.

I used my Cricut Iron-on vinyl, in blue and yellow, and cut out different arrows from the Accent Essentials cartridge using my Cricut Mini cutter. I then ironed them on in a random pattern all over the shower curtain. I also cut out one of my favorite sayings by Dr Seuss, and ironed it into the top right of the curtain.

DIY Shower Curtain for Children

I absolutely love how it turned out, and it’s a great reminder, on a regular basis, for our kids.


Do your kids have a theme in their bathroom?

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  1. What a fun twist on a kids shower curtain! Love the inspirational quotes on it!

  2. That’s adorable! I love the quote!

  3. eeep that turned out so freaking cute! I love it

  4. Such a fun idea!! I have never thought about ironing vinyl onto a shower curtain – what a great idea!

  5. Themed bathrooms are so fun, especially for kiddos. I love the signs! So cute!

  6. Super cute idea!! Don’t forget to link up to The DIY’ers.

  7. Holy cow! That is so cool!!

  8. Oh, this is adorable! I love the theme!

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