Summer BINGO printable game

This idea previously appeared on Design Dazzle. Printable BINGO game with a Summer theme. Perfect game to play with all ages during a picnic or other Summer party! Today I’m sharing one of my kids’ favorite games. We love BINGO because it’s so easy for all ages to play and participate in. The BINGO package […]

Don’t Eat Peep

One of my kids’ favorite games to play is Don’t Eat Pete. Maybe because they get to eat candy as fast as they can, and maybe because well….yup I’m pretty sure it’s because they get to eat candy as fast as they can. We played it with the fun colorful sixlet candies. They are small […]

Lace and Trace Printable

These lace and trace printable activities are serious lifesavers at times in our house. It’s fun to see the kids calm down to focus on how they are going to sew. It is also the perfect activity to take with you; in the car, at church, at school pickup and more! It is so easy […]

Southern California Vacation Giveaway

Happy Monday y’all!!! I hope that everyone had as beautiful of a weekend as we did. Fabulous family time and incredible weather made for a great few days. Whether you had a great weekend, or not…your day may just get a bit better. Today I’m bringing you an incredible giveaway!!!!   I am so excited […]