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DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar


About 2 1/2 weeks ago I asked my husband if it was too early to put my Halloween wreath on the front door. I barely got the words out of my mouth before he screamed “YES”. I was not allowed to let everyone know that I decorate a little extremely early for holidays. I was banned from taking down the Summer banner until at least October 1st. UGH, well, that didn’t stop me from putting Halloween stuff up on the INSIDE of the door! And how can he complain when I only spent $1 on the cute bunting!

DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar

You can find the polka dot bunting at Walmart in their Halloween section for just $.97. I cut it in half to create two smaller buntings. For the center one, I used some scrap tulle that I had laying around from past projects, so that didn’t cost me anything. But if you didn’t have any, you could use fabric, ribbon, or even go purchase some for just a few dollars (make sure to use your craft store coupons!). I just did a double knot onto some black ribbon with about 6 inch strips of tulle.

DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar


I love that not only do you get an impact from our {now} Halloween decorated front door when you get here, but you also see this fun decor right before leaving as well.

DIY Halloween Bunting for just a dollar

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  1. I love cute (not scary) Halloween decor!

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