{Tutorial} DIY Birthday Hat

I saw this birthday hat on etsy, and could NOT get myself to fork out the $55 for it. Although I REALLY wanted it for Baby Girl Barker’s birthday, I just couldn’t get myself to double my budget (the whole party only cost me $50 total!).

So what’s a craft/diy blogger to do? MAKE HER OWN!!


Birthday Hat Birthday Girl.jpg

This took a bit of time, and planning, but it was SO worth it! Also, Baby Girl Barker did not keep it on longer than, oh….2 minutes!) But it was worth it even for that, then it made a cute décor item too.

Birthday Hat Supplies

I used the fabulous glitter paper from Doodlebug Designs for the hat. There was glitter everywhere, but again, so worth it!

Here’s a template you can use for your hat. I found that the regular birthday hats were too big for the little one year olds head. So I made my own!

(downloadable template coming soon)

Trace the template onto the back of your paper, then cut it out along the lines.

Birthday Hat.jpg

Then wrap it around, and glue one end to the other.

birthday hat - tulle.jpg

Then, take a long strip of tulle, and hot glue it around the bottom. I just put a small bead of glue about 1 inch long, then “ruffled” the tulle down onto the glue. Continue this all the way around the brim of the hat!

I then made a tulle pom pom.

birthday hat - pom pom.jpg

Start by wrapping the tulle around your fingers (because they are handy, and you don’t have to go searching for them!). Then take some sting, I used bakers twine, and tie around the center.

Birthday Hat- Pop Poms.jpg

Pull the string tight, and cut the loops to make the “fringe” of the pom pom.

Birthday Hat - Pom Pom Topper.jpg

Then hot glue it to the top of the hat. I wrapped some of the twine around the tip of the hat, just for looks.

birthday hat - ribbon.jpg

Make a bow with coordinating ribbon, and attach it to the side of the hat.

I attached 2 small loops to the sides of the hat so I could bobby pin it to her piggy tails!

Birthday Hat Girl.jpg

See, told you the time and effort was worth it. She’s just so dang cute!

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  1. How adorable! I’m not going to lie, I kind of want one for my upcoming birthday! You are one crafty Momma! Great work!

  2. $55! Yours is ADORABLE! My son’s birthday is this week. Maybe I’ll go for it!
    Also, thank you for visiting my blog, that just makes my day 🙂

  3. I love this tutorial Vanessa! Definitely saving this to use at some future point – yours is so pretty, and of course your little model is even prettier!

  4. She looks so cute in this fun little hat! They would totally make cute centerpieces for a birthday party!

  5. Very cute. Nicely done and great tutorial. I’m glad you linked up at Romance on a dime! Pinning this.

  6. Very adorable!

  7. How cute is that! tfs

  8. LenaMaeCreations says

    Super cute design, but it looks just a tad bit small on her head. Everything else is great though!

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