{Recipe} Cheesecake In A Jar

Saturday was Baby Girl Barker’s first birthday party. She will officially be one tomorrow. Really?! That makes me want to cry. I can not believe how fast this last year has gone…WAY TOO FAST. My favorite part of the party was all the food. And don’t you worry, I will be sharing all the recipes here on the blog, as I was lucky crazy enough to make them all myself.

The cutest by far was the Cheesecake In A Jar.

Cheesecake in a jar faded

Ok, I officially cheated with this. I used the wonderful JELL-O Brand of Cheesecake, which is my favorite anyway!

Make the crust as directed in a large bowl. One box will make enough for 12 baby food jars. Spoon the crust evenly into the bottom of the jars. To press it down, I used my noggin and found the perfect prop. A washed paint bottle!

Americana Paint

Photo Source

These are the perfect size to press it down.

Prepare the cheesecake as directed, in a big bowl. I then used a bright pink gel food coloring to make it match the color scheme of the party! I spooned the cheesecake filling into a piping bag, and swirled it on top of the crust.


Cheesecake in a jar swirl.jpg

To make the cheesecake last, and stay chilled during the whole party, I prepped them the day before, replaced the baby food jar lid and stuck all of them in the freezer. Then just before the party, I pulled them out, and served them frozen. Then in the heat of the day, they slowly thawed, but stayed cold for the remainder of the party!

I also just used the small wooden spoons you see in the pictures. They were so cute, and just the right size for the small servings!

Check back later in the week for more of the giraffe birthday fun!


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11 thoughts on “{Recipe} Cheesecake In A Jar

  1. Happy birthday Little Barker! First birthdays are always bitter sweet for mama’s. (I’m sure that amazing cheese cake made it easier, though!

    What were the glass jars to the left used for?

  2. Wow – these look so delish Vanessa!! What a fun idea for your little girl’s first birthday party!!! What a milestone for her and you as Mom!!! Pinning this one to my recipe board, hope you have a fab week 🙂 Heather

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