Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Being in the middle of the holidays, I am so excited for all the food that we will be having. Seriously, my mouth waters thinking about the parties and festivities that will be serving delicious concoctions! Today I’m excited to share with you this fabulous and SO EASY side dish. I know that brussel sprouts […]

Amazing Summer Side Dish Recipes

This weekend kicks off the BBq season. I mean, we grill all throughout the year, but we don’t really do a full BBQ til about this time of the year. When everyone gets together, each bringing our own assigned food, and playing outside while smoke and delicious aromas emerge from the nearby grill. It’s one […]

{Recipe} Seasoned Potato Wedges

I am a side dish snob. I usually pay more attention to what side dishes are going to go with a meal, than I do the main dish. Sometimes it’s nothing real big; just corn or sliced up fresh veggies. But other times it’s side dishes that take a long time to prepare. My favorite side […]