1 1/2 hours was SO WORTH IT!

Yesterday, both of my kids went down for a nap. WHAT? That never happens. It was pure bliss. I could do what ever I wanted. I could have ran around my house naked, drinking Dr Pepper and eating candy without a care in the world. But, I didn’t! Instead I decided to finally organize my […]

Blogging Organization

I’m on an organization kick. I am trying to purge things around the house, organize the piles of endless toys, throw out old dishes/cookware that I don’t use, and most of all ORGANIZE THE BLOG! It really is crazy how time can get away from you and the next thing you know, your week is […]

Organizing Coupons 101 – Organizing your discounted Gift Certificates

Here’s my second part to Organizing Coupons! It isn’t just coupons, but also all of those great discounted gift certificates you can get! Here’s some great discounted deals to stock up your “food” folder! Pizza Factory – $25 gift certificate for just $12.50, 50% discount (Ogden location, SLC location) Get a FREE bread twist with $5 purchase […]