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I’m on an organization kick. I am trying to purge things around the house, organize the piles of endless toys, throw out old dishes/cookware that I don’t use, and most of all ORGANIZE THE BLOG!
It really is crazy how time can get away from you and the next thing you know, your week is gone and you haven’t even posted on the blog. This is NOT OK! If you have followed Our Thrifty Ideas for a while, you know that I definitely have had those dead spurts. I miss a post, and somehow everything gets delayed with not a single post for 2 weeks.
So I have decided to get into the swing of things and get things in writing and on a set schedule. Putting it on the family calendar just isn’t cutting it anymore. It gets so crowded that I can barely make out what things say!
So I decided to make an organization binder strictly for blogging!
The things I thought were most important to include were:
  • A Monthly Calendar with a Monthly Theme
  • A Project page with a spot for sketching
  • Giveaway Linky List
  • Blog Linky List
  • Giveaway Details Page
  • Sponsor Page
I’m in love with how the binder has turned out, so I figured I would share it with you all. Please, feel free to use it yourself. You can click on each picture or the link below it to download each page!
If you don’t understand the pages, here’s some explanation!


You can plan our your whole month of posts, giveaways, sponsors, events, and more. All in one place where you wont let another day slip away! I’ve also decided to give each month a theme, and I can proudly display it on my page!

Project Page:

You can title your project. Try out something for post title! Below you can figure out what you want your project to be. There’s also a place for you to sketch things out if you want!

Giveaway Linky Page:

Do you ever forget what blogs have what linky on what day? Ya, I do too. Oh, by the way, DOW stands for Day Of Week!

Blog Linky Page:

I love to self promote my blog, and I’m sure you do as well. You can list what blogs you usually link up to and keep up with what days they start. Once again, DOW stands for Day Of Week!

Giveaway Details Page:

This is great to help you keep all of the information for your giveaways in one spot. I tend to always write things down on pages that get lost or mixed up. Here to can list who the company is, the prize, when the giveaway ends, and all the details of the giveaway. This will help you remember what pages to promote (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Etsy, etc). Sometimes there are so many that I forget what company wants what advertised.

Sponsor Page:

This page will help you remember all the details of your sponsors. Who they are, when they are going to be one the blog, what size their ad space is, and whether it’s paid. Also any other details that you need to remember.


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  1. I need some organization in my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! These are great, thank you so much for sharing! I’ve just started on my own organizing the blog project and this will help so much. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I LOVE this idea especially since there are two of us over at our blog! This would totally help us stay organized. Thanks so much for the awesome ideas!

    Betsy @ 2nd Story Sewing

  4. Found you at Dotted Line! Love this 🙂

  5. Love this idea and will definitely be creating my own blog binder. I get ideas for posts and forget to jot them down so this will so help me stay organized! And I love your idea for project plans. I have a ton of projects lined up thanks to Pinterest and this will help me keep track of them!

    I wanted to pass on a brilliant way to keep up with linky parties by day. I got this from Vixen Made’s blog. I added a linky party link up to my LInky Love page. That way visitors can add their parties to the appropriate day or I can add them easily if I find a new linky party I want to join. It’s easy to do it this way and keeps all the buttons organized and in one size format. Take a look at mine on

    Thanks for joining my Tuesday: Destination Inspiration party at Teagan’s Travels. I hope you’ll be back this week!


  6. this was a great help I really appreciate you sharing you wealth of knowledge. I am a newbie to blogging and helpful features like this will keep me sane. (especially with the newborn, 10 yo, and 12.5 yo. with the fiancé out of town on business I need to be very organize . it is real easy to forget

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