Tips For The Perfect Gallery Wall

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

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One of the very first things I did when I moved into the new house was to put up the gallery photo wall. But this time I was SO MUCH SMARTER than the last time I hung it. In the last house we laid it all out on the floor, and then hung it all on the wall….then moved things, then moved things, then moved things! haha There were so many small nail holes hidden behind those picture frames! 

This time, I took these tips into account, and guess what….I only hammered a nail once! There’s no random holes hiding, and everything is hung exactly where I wanted it the first time!

So how did I achieve this?

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

Tip #1 – Lay the gallery on the floor exactly how you want it to be on the wall.

Tip #2 – Do the layout on the floor right in front of the wall you are putting it on, that way you can see how the placement will look in the space.

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

Tip #3 – Trace the frame onto paper. I used a roll of craft paper. Take each frame, place it on the paper and trace all the way around. Cut the frame out of the paper.

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

Tip #4 – Turn the frame over with the paper on it. Using a pencil, poke a small hole where the nail is going to go (based off the picture hanger or nail hole on the back of the frame) Repeat steps #3 & 4 for ALL the frames.

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

Tip #5 – Measure Measure Measure! Once things are laid out, measure how wide the whole thing is, measure how tall it is, and measure how much room you have from one frame to the other. It will help to make sure things are hung where you want them on the wall. 

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

Tip #6 – Measure one last time. Find out where the center of your gallery is, then measure the wall to find the center of it. Mark the center of the wall with a piece of tape.

Tips For the Perfect Wall Collage

Tip #7 – Use painters tape to place the frame shapes on the wall. This is where the measuring comes in. Start with the center of the wall and the center of the collage. Place that on the wall first, then measure and place all the others around it.

the perfect way to nail up pictures

Tip #8 – Hammer in the nails right where the hole is in the paper. This way you know that you are placing it exactly where it is needed on the wall.

Tip #9 – Pull the paper off the wall and hang the frame on the wall.

Ok, 9 tips and it’s all done!!!! You now have the perfectly hung gallery wall. 

Now please let me know I’m not the only one who has hung frames to hide the multiple holes in the wall?!


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