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Free printable of a Mommy Chore chart that helps you get and keep your house clean with just 10 minutes a day

I never knew how hard it would be to keep a house clean with children…until I had children. WOW, if you let anything fall behind you can really feel like you are living at the dump. Seriously, where did that banana peel come from? and why is EVERY toy we own in one mass pile in the living room? I learned that if I don’t have a task to complete each day, I will let it slide by and sooner or later my house is a mess. So I have created this 10 minute checklist for myself that seriously helps my life run smoother and helps me keep a clean home.

Free printable of a Mommy Chore chart that helps you get and keep your house clean with just 10 minutes a day

But not only does sticking to a cleaning checklist work, but there’s a bunch of other things that I contribute to helping as well. Here they are:

using multi surface cleaners for your house

Use multi-surface cleaners. Seriously you guys, without my Windex and Pledge that I carry from room to room, I don’t think I would be as sane about cleaning. It’s so nice to be able to clean my entertainment center using just the Pledge® multi surface and not have to switch from my wood duster to the glass cleaner. And using the Windex® in my bathroom is awesome. I can wipe down the counters, sink, cabinets, mirror, shower and toilet all using the same cleaner. 

Utilize your children! I know this may sound funny, but having your kids help you can be a life (and time) saver. Make sure they are picking up after themselves while they play, at the kitchen table, and after doing homework. When everyone pitches in you’ll have less to do yourself. Also, give the small tasks to the kids. My children have a daily chore chart (download here) where I write down one household chore that they need to get done each day. 

There’s nothing wrong with waiting until the kids are in bed to start cleaning. It’s easier to do it kid free, and sometimes it just isn’t worth cleaning during the day while they are still playing and making messes.

Free printable of a Mommy Chore chart that helps you get and keep your house clean with just 10 minutes a day

Make sure to group your cleanings. I do all the bathrooms at once, cause it’s easier to do them all while I’m in the bathroom cleaning mode. I do all of the sheets on the same day, because who can remember which ones you just did, and which ones haven’t been done in a week?!

Celebrate the small things. Even if your house looks like a tornado just came thru (because lets be honest, that’s kinda what kids are!). Instead just celebrate that the dishes are done and the dishwasher is running. You can’t beat yourself up over not having a perfect house all the time.

And lastly, stop apologizing to your neighbors and friends whenever they come over. I can’t tell you how many times I go into someone’s house and they say “sorry about the mess”. Really, most of the time their house looks better than mine does at the moment, and I’m not even going to notice your pile of toys over in the corner because that’s how my house looks too.

cleaning supplies

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What are your quick and easy tips for keeping a clean house? I would love to hear what you do each day.

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  1. Such great ideas!!

  2. I made a chore chart for myself several years ago and it worked wonders. I just wrote out all the chores that needed to be done every week and divided it up into different days. It worked wonders for me! For so long I had just felt overwhelmed by chores and felt guilty taking breaks because there was always something more to do. With the chore chart, once I get all the chores for the day done I am mentally liberated. Funny how a chore chart can end up freeing you (and bonus, you get a clean house!)

  3. Love these ideas. I love quick cleaning ideas!

  4. Lovely cleaning ideas! I will be very happy if I succeed in teaching the kids to clean after themselves and put away the toys that they’ve used! Then I will definitely will have less cleaning to do and more free time to actually spend with them! Thanks for the helpful ideas! Greets!

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