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Our Thrifty Ideas: Printable chore chart

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This is the year that The Little Man starts chores! He has always kinda liked cleaning. I mean, for Christmas when he was 2, he got a purple (the only color it came in) vacuum, and it’s still one of the most played with toys we have!!

So the idea of having a chore chart, responsibility, and a small reward at the end is getting really excited for The Little Man.

I thought I would share the fun printable with you all to incorporate with your family as well. You can fill in the chores for the week, and at the bottom there’s a place to list their reward, even if it’s just their typical weekly allowance or a special dessert at the end of the week.

You can download a blank chart just like the first pictured one, here.

At what age did you start your kids on “chores”? Do you feel like even a simple one like those listed for The Little Man helps structure and discipline with a toddler? My husband and I were raised with different expectations and it’s been quite a discussion lately (I also asked on Facebook here if you’d like to read), so I love to hear other’s opinions.


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  1. These will be perfect for my new Planner! Thanks!

  2. Awesome Idea for the little one’s!
    I’ve pinned this one!

  3. Love this! Great way to teach the kids to be organized and do their chores! Sounds like a fun reward too!

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