The BEST Women’s Ugly Sweaters for Christmas

18 ugly sweaters for women

Day 2 of Ugly Sweaters. Who is excited? These are seriously the best. There’s a few that are more “cute” or “fashionable”. But seriously, most I would only EVER buy for an Ugly Sweater Party.
womens ugly sweater


Cat Christmas sweater

Red women's ugly sweater

 Red Christmas ugly sweater

penguin ugly sweater

 Penguin Ugly Christmas Sweater

 pug christmas sweater

 Pug Christmas Sweater

funky stocking sweater

Funky Stocking Sweater 

reindeer sweater

 Reindeer Sweater (available in multiple colors)

I believe Santa Sweater 

I Believe Santa Sweater

Pink Christmas Sweatshirt

Pink Christmas Sweatshirt 

patchwork christmas sweater

 Patchwork Christmas Sweater

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal sweater

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Sweater 

Ugly Christmas Sweater

 Ugly Christmas Sweater

 Rudolph Ugly Sweater

Rudolph Ugly Sweater  (available in 4 different colors/styles)

Santa & Snowflake Sweater

Santa & Snowflake Sweater 

Christmas Cat Sweater

 Christmas Cat Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater 

 Ugly Christmas Sweater

Rudolph Christmas Ugly Sweater

Rudolph Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Ugly Christmas Vest

 Ugly Christmas Vest

Grandma got run over by a reindeer Ugly Sweater

 Grandma got run over by a reindeer Ugly Sweater

**Prices and availability may change. there were plenty when the post was created, and all under $40. But I unfortunately don’t control the selling shops!!

Have you ever hosted an Ugly Sweater party or just attended them? 

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for men under $40 These are seriously the best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for little kids! Links on where you buy them all are in the post. Can't wait for this years party

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  1. Hahahaha what an awesome post!! I love the penguin sweater!!

  2. I don’t understand I guess.Some of these sweaters are cute. Why are they considered ugly? I’ve got some sweater that I wear each year an always get great comments on them. Who desides what is ugly and why? Need an answer on this so I don’t make a fool out of myself I guess.

    • It’s not so much they they are “ugly” but that they are a typical women’s christmas sweater. They have made parties around the theme of it and whoever started it just called it an “ugly sweater party” and it exploded. I’ve been to a few and some are really outrageous in having lights on them, and tinsel wrapped everywhere. Others are just a standard Christmas sweater. But because of the parties they have inherited the title of a perfect “ugly sweater”!!!
      And don’t worry, I ordered myself 2 of the ones listed, and one of the kids ones for my daughter!!!

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