The BEST Christmas Ugly Sweaters for Men

Do you host or attend any “Ugly Sweater” parties around the holidays? I think that they are all so awesome, and whoever decided to start using that as a theme was seriously genius. But we all know that when it comes time to go find that PERFECT ugly sweater, it seems like they are few are far between in the stores. So guess what, I have rounded up some of my absolute favorites. And don’t worry, I’ve got a roundup of my favorite Womens and Children’s Ugly Sweaters coming your way too!!

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for men under $40

Today is all about the men, and I’ve found some FABULOUS ones!! And they are all under $40. Just click on the photo and it’ll take you to the shirt’s site.
Merry Christmas ya filthy Animall

light up Christmas sweater 

 vest & tie Christmas sweater

ornament Christmas sweater 

ugly Christmas sweater with cats 

 dingleberry Christmas sweater

camo santa Ugly Christmas sweater 

You'll shoot your eye out Christmas Sweater 

Ugly Christmas Sweater 

wrapped gift Ugly Christmas Sweater

geeky Ugly Christmas Sweater 

snowman Ugly Sweater 

Nice/Stocking Ugly Sweater

 crazy snowman Ugly Sweater

santa peeing in the snow Ugly Sweater 

Reindeer Ugly Sweater 

Santa Face Ugly Sweater 

sad snowman Ugly Sweater

santa suit Ugly Sweater 

Ugly Christmas Sweater 

 And if you want some kinda naughtier ones, check out the ones here, here and here (not child approved!)


**Prices and availability may change. there were plenty when the post was created, and all under $40. But I unfortunately don’t control the selling shops!!

18 ugly sweaters for women These are seriously the best Ugly Christmas Sweaters for little kids! Links on where you buy them all are in the post. Can't wait for this years party

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  1. Oh man this totally made my Monday! The dingleberry one is great!!

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