Tyson Buffalo Style Wings – Father’s Day Dinner

*This post is sponsored by Collective Bias and Tyson to help you celebrate your Dad for Father’s day

Father's Day BBQ with Tyson Hot Buffalo Wings #MealsTogether from OurThrfityIdeas.com

Today I’m sharing the rest of what we had for dinner at our Early Father’s Day BBQ. It was so fun to play together, just the 4 of us. It’s kinda crazy with what we’ve been going thru this week, that I could at least start it out by celebrating my family and especially our amazing husband/dad.

Father's Day BBQ with Tyson Hot Buffalo Wings #MealsTogether from OurThrfityIdeas.com

On Saturday I went out to Sam’s Club and bought some Tyson Chicken Wings. Talk about yummy and super simple. We bought the Buffalo Hot wings and the Honey BBQ for the kids. It was so easy to grill these up, because they are pre-cooked, already seasoned; and seriously go from freezer, to grill, to plate in like 30 minutes. I like to consider myself a grillista (yes, that just became a word!) who’s pretty savvy with grilling up some food. But when I want to be able to spend time playing with the family while waiting for food to cook, there’s nothing easier than these wings.

Colored Deviled Eggs for any holiday #mealstogether

Next I made some blue deviled eggs. I got this idea from my friend Whitney’s blog, A Mommy’s Life With a Touch of Yellow, The kids DIED over this, and we will definitely be doing it again for 4th of July (hence the trial display pictured above!)

 Red, White & Blue Jello - just layer each flavor and refrigerate for 4 hours before adding the next layer. OurThriftyIdeas.com

My kids could live on JELLO. Really, I don’t know why I bother make any other food. Because they would be content with it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. We do eat it quite a bit, but I decided to make it a little more special this time for another trial for the 4th BBQ (which will be our next bit BBQ, and I can’t wait!)

Broccoli Summer Salad Recipe - All fresh Veggies, sauce made with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Greek Yogurt & Xylitol sweetener. ourthriftyideas.com

We also had our broccoli summer salad, and you can find the recipe that I posted early this week, here.

Father's Day BBQ with Tyson Hot Buffalo Wings #MealsTogether from OurThrfityIdeas.com

The whole meal was amazing, but I do have to admit that the best part was that I did it all! Usually at a BBQ, the hubby is the one who is working the grill. So for me to be able to man the grill and give him a break to open presents with the kids, play in the yard, and just relax was awesome!


Make sure to check out the Tyson demo’s going on at your local Sam’s Club. I mean, who wouldn’t love a free mini-meal while doing their shopping. Also, check them out on facebook and twitter.

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  1. Mmmm Buffalo Wings AND Deviled Eggs?? Can I come to your house next Mother’s Day? 😉 Well done – it looks delicious.

  2. Those look yummy!! You’re so sweet to celebrate a week early. We are going to be gone for Father’s day and Terry isn’t getting anything special that day….

  3. Looks delicious…and festive!

  4. I love that you cooked the wings! I couldn’t tear my husband away from the grill, but that was part of his gift. 😉

  5. Everything looks delicious! We had to celebrate early too, but sometimes that’s more fun!

  6. All the food looks amazing! Yay for doing it all on your own!

  7. You did well! I’m the same way – Handsome is always behind the grill and I’m inside. Time for me to man up and grill!

  8. What a good wifey and mommy you are! Looks yummy!

  9. Love the 4th of July ideas! I’m so excited for summer!

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