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I’ve mentioned in the past that getting my Littles to eat a meal can be worse than putting them to bed. Seriously, you’d think I had told them they were going to get teeth pulled when I say “time to climb up to the table for lunch”. They are so busy, that there’s no way they want to sit down for 10 minutes and put food in their mouth. Although grabbing a chicken nugget and running through sprinklers at the same time is their idea of a great meal or snack, I tend to disagree. I think that they need to settle down for a few minutes, actually chew their food, and eat their food before going back to play.

 I know, I’m a HORRIBLE Mom (in the mind of a 3 year old)

So yet again, this Mom has set out to find other ways to make eating more fun and enjoyable to a 22 month and 3 1/2 year old. 


The other day we headed to our favorite store (what, you aren’t here every other day?!) and got a new plate to make eating more fun for The Little Man. 

design your own plate

We found this awesome product that lets you draw your own design, and within 1 minute the image is dry and permanent on the plate. So of course, this kid wanted to draw a monster face that he can then recreate with his food. 

Sounds good to me!

monster face on plate

How cute is that Monster with his massive eyes, squiggly arms and lets, and of course that crazy mouth!!


Well, the kids picked our newest chicken nugget purchase (see our fun pictures about buying them here) for lunch. And even this mama loves theTyson Chicken nuggets, so I couldn’t resist dressing up a couple plates with them.

Playing with your food, way to make your toddler excited to eat lunch

Baby Girl Barker LOOOOOVED her butterfly, and even that might be an understatement! She thinks ketchup is it’s own food group, so to have it outlining the chicken nugget wings was like heaven for her! And The Little Man doesn’t like string cheese like Baby Girl Barker, so he got some broccoli hair for his crazy limb monster who’s eyes are as big as his head!!

outside picnic

I let them eat their lunch as a picnic before playing in the sprinklers, and they were so excited to soak up the heat while playing with their fun meals. Seriously, they sat and ate EVERYTHING the whole time…even with all the outside distractions around them.

decorate your plate online

Not only did we get to play with our food for lunch, but I let the kids play with Tyson’s nuggets app on their facebook page. You can virtually decorate your plate on the site. They loved it!


I’ve shared a few other fun meal ideas to get my kids to eat, and eat more healthy foods too. 

5 tips to getting your toddler to eat healthy

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Salad In A Jar



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  1. Those are so much fun!!! I love the butterfly!

  2. Oh we love Tyson nuggets in our house! And those plates are just too cute. My kids would love them!

  3. That drawing is hilarious – so cute!

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