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Our Thrifty Ideas: Organize and decorate your cords with Washi Tape

A couple of months ago, I saw how Leanne from Organize and Decorate Everything organized her cords, and I fell in love. But then, I forgot about it. The other day, I pulled out an old cell phone, and went in search of the charging cord for it, and my frustration hit a high note. I encountered a full grocery bag full of 25-30 cords, all tangled together, and most we didn’t even know what they went to or why we had it.
I immediately remembered Leanne’s tutorial and made it my own to organize our horrible mess.
washi tape

Using toilet paper rolls, I wrapped the darker spots (where the tacky stuff holds on the paper) with washi tape. I did find out that the tape didn’t hold extremely well on the cardboard, so I used some scotch tape to hold the two ends together.
Then after rolling up the cords, I stuffed them into the roll and marked them a with a little piece of tape as to what the cord belongs to.
Now, they are neatly placed into a tub, where there’s no untangling, and we know what they belong to (well most of them…we still haven’t figured out a few!).
Our Thrifty Ideas: Organize and decorate your cords with Washi Tape


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17 thoughts on “Organize Your Cords

  1. What a clever idea!
    It’s always a pain when those cables get tangled.
    I should start saving up my rolls today and start picking my washi tape.

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