A Craft Room – Or at least my version of it!

Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
Can I explain how happy I am that I now have a craft room? Ok, well it’s not a room. More of a nook, hole in the wall (literally) space. But hey, at least it’s a place that is MINE, all mine. And I can do with it what I want, I can escape to it and be in my own world while a million other things may be going on, and all I need to do is think about my project and the creativity behind it.
We took the doors off of one of the closets in our room because there’s two side by side. Yes, we are now totally and completely cramped into the one closet now, but I am so glad that we did so I could have this area.

Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
For my “desk” we used two bookshelves from IKEA and placed them on a diagonal. Then we cut a piece of particleboard to just under the size of the closet. That way there was a little room to put it in place. I primed and painted it white to match the bookshelves, and then put it all into place in the closet.
I love the space the desk gives me, along with the storage below. Because I don’t have much room for all my crafting supplies (crap as the hubby calls it) so I bought canvas baskets and some weaved baskets to keep everything in. Everything from my cords, dyes, fabric and embellishments are in those baskets. I love how they keep everything organized. I also store my printer and cricut cutters on the shelf. That way they are neatly tucked away but yet are easily accessible when needed.
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
The area is perfect for all kinds of crafts. I can sew here, paint, or even just work on my computer. I have all sorts of sayings and inspirational quotes throughout the area to keep my mind positive and uplifted on a regular basis.
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
I used some spice jars from IKEA to keep my buttons and mini clothes pins in!! They make me happy to even just look at. They are on a holder that would normally hang from a bar on the wall, but because we are renting I didn’t want to hang it. So instead I just tied some fun ribbon and scrap fabric around the top and set it in the corner of the desk with my quote from Shelley.
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
I also almost ALWAYS have a little something to munch on while I’m creating. So I used my $.50 cookie jar to store my snacks (notice they are completely gone in the pictures!). And remember what I said about things that make me happy in my space? My Mom bought me this beautiful mug that talks about how daughters are like butterflies. It is the most perfect mug between the two of us, so I have it sitting on my desk for another “happy” moment each time I look at it. I use the mug to hold all of my flash drives! It’s kinda amazing how many of them I have!
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
Do you remember this paint fiasco we had at my house? Well the solution was to get a cabinet for all of my paint, and to keep it out of reach of the kids! So now I have all my paint on the top shelf of the closet and with mis-matched handles it is held shut with bakers twine! Creative right?!
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
I also have a whole bunch of mis-matched jars and such that hold everything from thread, bakers twine, ribbon and cupcake liners in them. They sit atop the the shelf as well. Who says you can’t organize, be functional and cute all at the same time?
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
I also have a huge load of business cards from companies I work with, bloggers and others. I love to keep them displayed for when I want some time wasters (i.e.. other amazing blogs to read!) So I have them on a ring hanging from the clothes rod. It hangs with some tags, glitter packs and my sewing kit.
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.
of course, just outside the closet I have all my paper organizing center with my “crafting” hoop on the wall.
Design a craft room in your bedroom closet. Perfect if you don't have a spare bedroom to convert.

The whole area makes me so happy. And I’m so glad that I finally got to share it with you guys today!

Now tell me, what do you use for YOUR craft room?


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  1. This looks awesome, Vanessa!! Maybe I should talk my husband into doing this! We have two closets side by side. Or maybe I should just clean out the bottom of the closet to store all the stuff I have on my table. :) I love how fun and bright and happy your whole space is.

  2. That looks so awesome Vanessa!! I love absolutely everything you did for your space. Our room is huge so I have space for my stuff in there, but it isn’t near as cute as yours! :)

    • I’m pretty sure that if I had a bunch of room, I would not have it nearly as organized or decorated. I just know it’s my one little happy place where I can escape to. So I want it to have a bunch of ME in it and still be functional!

  3. I LOVE the colors of it!! You did great with working with your space and getting everything organized!

  4. I love this vanessa hopefully I will have room one day to do this!!!

  5. It turned out so awesome Vanessa! I love the happy colors! You have done great at making the most of your space. I am very jealous because I have to pull out my craft stuff from my pantry and I craft on the kitchen counter! Great job!

  6. Super cute, Vanessa, and you made a wonderful use of your space! I’m a craft nook girl myself (no room all for me), and I love looking to see how others in my situation use their space! :)

  7. I love this!!! What a great use of space! I would never think to use a closet for that b/c I would assume it would be too small! Although whenever I see that saying “Crafting: Cheaper than Therapy” I just laugh because that is SOOO not true in my house! Therapy (which I HAVE done) is way cheaper than my craft supply hoarding habits. But crafting is a LOT more fun! :)

  8. Love it, Vanessa! Super cute!

  9. I need to share this on my page. This is perfect :) Blessings

  10. Wow – you did a great job taking advantage of every inch of space, Vanessa! But what I really love is that everything looks so pretty, bright, welcoming, and happy at the same time! That’s a win-win! Or a win-win-win! :)

  11. This is beautiful and such a good use of space. Love!

  12. nice to meet you today! i totally pinned this yesterday:) nice work

  13. I love your craft space it’s fantastic!

  14. I Absolutely loved what you did! Everything looks so good. I loved the colors, the space, the little details you added with the jars. Really a comfy space to work!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Cami @ TitiCrafty Blogspot

  15. What a beautiful space! I love how clean it looks and that everything has its own space and is not crowded. I would love this craft room. If you get a chance, please link this up to my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/04/sunday-linky-party-3.html

  16. Wow, what an amazing space! You did a fantastic job. You should link this up to our party, Give Me The Goods Monday! {1 party, 5 blogs}
    Have a great week!
    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

  17. This “room” turned out so great! I love the great colors and that it is light and bright too. Looks like a great space to get crafty!

    I hopped over from The Shabby Nest and would love to have you link up with us for Thrifty Thursday at Living Well Spending Less! http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/category/thrifty-thursday/

  18. Vicky P says:

    I just found your blog. Love your paper center but the link says it no longer exists. Is it still available?


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