Romantic Valentines Breakfast Ideas

With Valentines Day being on a Saturday this year, I am excited to be able to make a big breakfast for my husband. Normally he’s out the door before the rest of us are even awake. So to be able to spoil and pamper him with breakfast at home will be great. I gathered some […]

Favorite Valentine Boxes

This is the first year we will have a kid in school where we will need a Valentine box. So we went on a search for ideas. Here’s some of my kids’ favorites with links!! Skylanders Valentine Box – Source Shark Valentine Box – Briana Johnson Captain America Valentine Box – Ashlee Proffitt Perry Valentine […]

Color By Number – Valentines

I’m participating in the 14 Days of Valentines over at Princess & Her Cowbows. Check out her site for all the other fun activities involved. I’m currently teaching Gracie how to color inside the lines, and one of the best ways to do this, along with number recognition is to do a color by number. […]

valentine DIY pendant banner

It’s been so fun to start decorating for Vday. Have you started decorating your house for the holiday yet? This banner is so simple and extremely cheap. I used a roll of masking paper that I got at home depot for about $4 and cut some of it down to 3×8 strips. Then using a […]