One of my biggest worries of Summer is that my kids aren’t going to be active and spend their time outdoors (like every little kid should!). Especially Gracie loves to just sit and watch Netflix all day. It’s constantly a fight to get her to just go outside and PLAY. So I came up with […]

Summer Break gift idea – Stay SILLY printable

Today’s printable is so super fun. I can just picture all of the silly string spraying all over the place as the kids celebrate their last day of school for the Summer. Just remember not to do it on school property (unless given permission). But it would be super fun for the kids to all […]

Sidewalk Chalk Summer Printable

    Day 2 of our fabulous Summer Break printables is sure to make both you and our children excited! My kids spend time every day playing outside coloring with sidewalk chalk, and they love even more when they have friends to play with as well. Grab sidewalk chalk box of 16 at Dollar Tree, and you […]

Water Gun Summer Printable

I am so excited for Summer to be here. Our pool opened up this last week and we have spent most of our time in swimsuits and getting a good tan! With Summer rolling in, the school year is coming to a close and I wanted to share a bunch of quick and really cheap […]