DIY Clock made from Foam

DIY Clock made from a foam block. 

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Clock made of Foam

My collage wall has been sitting with blank frames for um….years! haha. I’ve had 3 empty ones sitting on this wall…and even in the house before me and for some reason never got any pictures in them. So I finally decided that because we didn’t have a clock in the room (other than the ones the kids keep stealing from my decor!) I would make myself one to go up in place of some of the empty frames!

smooth finish on foam block


sanding foam

I started with a 12×12 block that I spread with Smooth Finish on the top and down the sides. Once the first coat dries I put another coat and let it dry. Once it dried overnight I sanded down any uneven bumps. Then I laid out some painters tape into the pattern I wanted, and then painted sections of the block.

painting a clock face

Once the paint was dry I traced the clock mechanism to the back center of the block because the block was a little too thick for my mechanism. I then used the Tuck and Scribe tool to push some of the foam down where the clock mechanism will sit, eliminating 6 millimeters from the depth then put the clock mechanism in place

DIY Clock made from a foam block

DIY Clock made from a foam block

Once you put the hands on the clock, it will hold the mechanism in place and the clock is done!!!! The mechanism I bought has a place to hang it on the wall, making the installation easy!! I love how it turned out and it looks great in my collage wall!

DIY Clock made from a foam block

What colors and patterns would you paint your clock face?

DIY Clock made from a foam block

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