Wold Indexing Event

Worldwide Indexing Event 2016

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Have you guys heard of Indexing? Have you even done indexing? To be honest, I am always surrounded by people talking about it at my LDS church, but I have never taken the time to do any indexing myself. Well guess what, that is about to change because I plan on participating in the 2016 Worldwide Indexing Event that is taking place July 15-17 2016. During this time, FamilySearch International is sponsoring the event where volunteers will download the Family Search software and index as many names as they can/want.

Worldwide Indexing Event 2016 

Since 2008, volunteers have helped safe the information of one billion records, making them searchable online. Each and every year, more become available. If you would like to help participate in the event (or really any time of year!) visit Family Search’s website. Anyone with a computer and internet can participate.

I’ll be learning how and participating this weekend….will you?

Worldwide Indexing Event 2016


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