Glow stick Valentine with a free printable tag

This glow stick valentine is simple and great for the allergy free classes. Just print the tag and slip it onto a glow stick.

Glow Stick Printable Valentine
There’s not much more than a glow stick that can INSTANTLY bring a smile to my kids face. We have stocked up on them for late night BBQs, “sleepovers” (we just sleep in another room and the kids call it a sleepover), rainy day inside activities and more. Because it really is fun to see all the creative ideas the kids can come up with that involve a glow stick.

So when Gracie requested a glow stick valentine this year for her allergy friendly classroom, I knew it would be a huge hit!

Glow Stick Printable Valentine



Download and print out the free image on cardstock. Cut around the dotted lines (or leave them for a more decorative look). 

Punch holes in the black circles. Thread a glow stick thru the holes. Have your child sign the bottom. 

Glow Stick Printable Valentine

Printables at are for personal use only.



Make sure to grab a whole bunch of glow sticks the next time you see them on clearance, or you can usually grab about 100 of them for under $10 on Amazon.

Glow Stick Printable ValentineGlow Stick Printable Valentine
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