How to Fold a 3 Pocket Napkin

You guys, this tutorial is so easy, that I almost feel embarrassed posting it. But I’m sure that enough people are as clueless as I was, that a tutorial is actually needed! And I figured people needed some super visualness….so I made a video too! You can thank me after you have a beautiful holiday table!

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Step by step tutorial on how to fold a 3 pocket napkin. This will make your holiday table look so fancy.

Step #1- fold the napkin in half “hotdog” way.

Step #2- Fold it in half again, this time “hamburger” way. (anyone else feel like they are in elementary school again?)

Step #3- Fold down your first corner to about 1/2 inch up from the bottom.

Step #4- Fold the second corner down, about 1/2 inch less than the first, and tuck it into the first fold.

Step #5- Fold the third corner down, just like the last, 1/2 inch less than the second corner. Tuck it in as well.

Step #6- Flip the napkin over and fold one side 1/3 of the way in.

Step #7- Fold the other side another 1/3 of the way and tuck it inside the top fold of the other side

Step #8- Flip the napkin back over and insert your knife, fork and spoon. 

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