Mothers Day Gift Guide 2015

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It’s almost Mothers Day, and I feel like I’m quickly becoming a good judge of what would make the perfect gift. I mean, I AM a Mother after all. So when trying to decide what to get my own mother and MIL all I have to do is think about what I would love to get. I compiled everything I think would be great to give and put them all in one list for you all. Heck, we’ll also say this list can be a personal guide to my own husband/kids….this is what momma wants!!!! And wanna know the best part about this list? It’s all from Groupon’s Mother’s Day Gift Shop. Everything that mommy will love and kids/hubby will save money. Whether they pocket it or BUY THEIR MOM’S MORE (hint hint) with the money saved…the choice is theirs. So ladies, forward this post to your hubbies and let them know what ones you want. give the gift of TREATS for Mothers Day!
#1 – TREATS!!!!! – Who doesn’t love treats? Especially treats that they don’t have to bake themselves. Find the best local bakery and get her some chocolate, cake, cookies or all of the above!! My favorite Groupon deal for treats – $11 for two Groupons, East good for $10 worth of cupcakes and treats at LuAnn’s Cupcakes ($20 Value)

Give the gift of pampering for Mothers Day
#2- Pampering – This one should be a no brainer. Mom needs time to relax, take a deep breath on occasion and think about something other than the dishes piling up in the sink. Let Mom stop being “Mom” and be herself for a minute…or 90! You can give her a pedicure, get a certificate for a massage, a facial or even getting her hair done. My favorite Groupon deal for pampering – Couples Massage, Swedish Massage, or Massage Facial and Peducure at A New Day Spa (Up to 61% off)

Give the gift of dinner with a  night out for Mothers Day
#3- Dinner – I LOVE to cook. You’ve seen my recipes, you’ve heard my love of food and experimenting with new concoctions. But I have to admit that from time to time, I could hug my husband when he lets me know that we are going to go out to dinner as a family or even for date night. Having a hot meal (what….food is supposed to be hot when you eat it?!) that I don’t have to cook is dream come true for most.  My favorite Groupon deal for dinner – Three-Course Prix-Fixe American dinner for two at The Tree Room at Sundance Resort

Give the gift of adventure for Mothers Day
#4- ADVENTURE- I know that we are now “old moms” and totally and completely BORING. But on occasion I can picture myself jumping out of an airplane. Ok, maybe not going THAT FAR….but I could zip line while safely harnessed in. Putting a little adventure into your life can brighten your mood and change your outlook on life and certain situations. So why not give moms a fabulous adventure idea to take them back to when they didn’t have a care in the world. My favorite Groupon deal for adventure – $125 Paragliding with Go Pro Video at Yay for paragliding ($175 Value)

Give the gift of Memories for Mothers Day
#5- Memories –  There is nothing better as a mom than looking back and reliving memories thru pictures. I often go thru Instagram and die over the cuteness of my kids, the memories of vacations and the silliness of how I thought life was hard back then (if only 22 year old me could see me now!). One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten were big pictures to go on my wall. Put them up where not just you can see, but everyone can see the cuteness of our family! My favorite Groupon deal for Memories – One 12″x8″ canvas print or One or Two 16″x12″ or 20″x16″ canvas prints from CanvasOnSale (Up to 85% off)

Give your mom some flirty aprons for Mothers Day
#6- Something Fun – Fun needs to be in every aspect of the house. Add some ruffles to a drape, a cute pillow to the couch, a new fun phone case or a fun apron for cooking. I know that adding just one simple new thing can make your week so cheery! My favorite Groupon deal for Something Fun – Flirty Aprons kitchen apron

Give the gift of jewelry for Mothers Day
#7- BLING – It doesn’t need to be big, it doesn’t need to be expensive. But every woman loves them a little bling. But not only just any bling but also personalized jewelry. I DIE over the cuteness and tender necklaces that you can buy now. With cute sayings, names, birthstones, messages, handwriting, initials and more, there is something out there for everyone. Make your mom teary eyed with one for her. My favorite Groupon deal for bling – Personalized Mother’s necklace with kids’ names by from $24.99-$39.99

Give your Mom or Wife the gift of education this Mothers Day and give her some art classes.
#8- Education – No, don’t tell her she’s dumb and she needs to learn more. She realizes that as she’s trying to do 1st grade homework with the kids (kidding…kinda). But there’s something special about when other people acknowledge the fact that moms need to focus on themselves from time to time. Whether it’s a walk around the block or really putting their brain to work with a fun class. I’ve seen cooking classes, photography classes, art classes, or even karate for adults. I don’t think that you should ever be done learning so take the kids once a week (if kids are still at home) and let mom learn a new skill! My favorite Groupon deal for education – $47 for one month of art or pottery classes at Petersen Art Center ($80 Value) 

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Ok, now hubby’s out there….take this list to heart. Know that I am a mom (5 yr old boy, 3 yr old girl), I am a wife, I am a daughter and I am a woman. I have experienced all these aspects and these are all gifts that I would LOVE to receive as well as give to my own mom.

And ladies, feel free to leave your fabulous ideas in the comments below. Plus, check out the other amazing deals on the Groupon Mother’s Day Campaign

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