Free Printable Chore Chart PLUS Chore Ideas For Young Kids

free printable chore charts

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I’m excited to be posting about something I’ve been asked a TON lately. I’ve shared a few different photos on IG/Facebook lately that have brought all you other young mommies out of the dark and asking questions about nothing else but CHORES!!!

I’ll start by saying that when I was younger, I was expected to do my part in helping our house stay clean. I now look at the “never ending hard labor” (thoughts of my 10 year old tortured mind as I cleaned a toilet!) that my parents put me through as a young kid was just to prep me for my long life as a wife, mom and just a grown adult in general. I learned that if something isn’t where it belongs, pick it up. When you take something off, put it where it belongs and you won’t have to come back to it later. Keep up on the housework and it just becomes a quick pickup each night or a family walk thru before bed!

So from a VERY young age, I have had my kids doing chores. In the past we have done things just as I saw them needed to be done. Or when the kids wanted to earn a toy back that was left out I would come up with something, or the chores they did last summer to earn their TV time (see the screen time chart here). But this spring I decided it was time to get them on a set chore schedule. Something that they had to do before going out with friends or turing on a video game. Something they knew was expected of them each and every day and that they would be held accountable for.

So I sat down and designed this chore chart for both of them, and then together as a family we discussed what we thought was fair for each day to expect. They decided that they would each help with emptying the dishwasher each day and then do one more set chore. So Monday-Saturday they each do 2 set chores and if done without me asking they would earn an allowance. Now, we set ours at $1, but you guys can set it at something different or even have a weekly prize instead. Pretty much whatever the goal is, your kids need to be able to see and be reminded of it. At that young age, the incentive is EVERYTHING to them!

Some of the chores my kids do (ages 3 and 5) are:

Vacuuming along the baseboards
Moping the entryways
Cleaning walls/doors
Wiping down baseboards
Cleaning lower windows
Emptying the dishwasher (we remove all sharp objects before)
Sweeping with a hand broom
Take out garbages
And their most favorite is to help with laundry

kids help put away laundry

They have become pros at sorting colors, whites and “dad’s work clothes” which get their own load!! They love to push all of the clothes into the dryer as I pull them, all wet, from the dryer. They never let me forget the dryer sheet (which is good because that somehow always slips my mind!) and pushing the button to start the dryer is their all time favorite.

I also love that I recently got them some new dressers from IKEA that are really low to the ground and only 3 drawers so they are easily accessible for them to put their own clothes away.

Girl's Chore Chart - reward at bottom boys chore chart - reward

Want to get your kids started on their very own chore chart? I have available for a free download a $1 for each day chart (available in both color schemes) and a REWARD at the bottom chart. Click the appropriate link below to download!

Click HERE to download the girls $1 chore chart

Click HERE to download the boys $1 chore chart

Click HERE to download the girls reward chore chart

Click HERE to download the boys reward chore chart

I laminated our chore charts, so the kids can just mark off when they are done using a dry erase marker, and then erase it at the end of the week!

If you would like a customized chore chart (kids’ name on it, specific chores, or even a customized reward/allowance section at the bottom) just send me a quick email to [email protected] and I will customize one for you for just $2!

Now I have a fun giveaway for you. Two lucky readers will win a customized chore chart of their own!!! Just follow the instructions in the form below.

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  1. I love your printable and chore ideas!! It’s so important to instill on our kiddos to do chores at an early age!

  2. My favorite chore was folding laundry when I was young – I had to do it for 7 people!

  3. This is a great printable! I think it is a great way to teach our kids to be responsible!

  4. These chore charts are great!!

  5. I remember doing chores when I was young. We received allowance but we were not paid for doing them. Mom had 5 kids and wrote it on a big piece of paper. She would have loved these chore charts! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

  6. Thank you so much for linking these up at This Is How We Roll Thursday! They were my favorite from the party from over 550 links. I wanted to let you know you’ll be one of our features this Thursday as a result and we’ll be sharing your post on all of our social media channels. I hope you come back and link up what you’ve been working on this week. We love your ideas!

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