How to get ready for a Blogging Conference

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My top 7 tips for getting ready to go to a blogging conference. These are such great ideas and a few I wouldn't have thought of.

Today’s post is going to be a little bit different. I know that not all of my readers are bloggers, but I was surprised to know how many actually are. So I’m going to start creating a few blogger related articles every little while. 

This last weekend, I got to go to a fun 2 day blogging conference in SLC Utah and it was both educational and so much fun. I talked to many bloggers, both leading up to the conference and during, that said they had no idea how to prepare for their first time conference. And even experienced conference goers still said they still questioned what to bring or do ahead of time to prepare. So I thought I would share the things that I do to get ready and be prepared for the excitement of blogging conferences.

Touchup Cosmetics
Touch up your grown out roots, get your hair cut, do your nails, get a pedicure, stock up on new makeup, and whiten your teeth. These are all things I have found to be important when trying to make a good first impression. 

I always get my hair and nails done about 1-2 days before leaving. Hopefully I have everything else previously done so that I can have a relaxing day of getting myself pampered and ready. 

It fun to do creative nails for a blogging conference. I’m always on my phone, writing, handing people business cards etc. and my nails seem to be a big focus during these. So having fun ones can make all the difference. They also become a ice breaker talking point.

Now for my teeth, I have sensitive teeth so there haven’t been many options for me. It’s either been going to the dentist for a professional whitening or suffer the intense sensitivity pain from the at home methods I have tried in the past. But I just discovered a product that is perfect for this situation; The Colgate® Optic White® Express White Toothpaste. Unlike other products, it has 2 times the professionally recommended ingredient (vs. Optic White Sparkling Toothpaste) hydrogen peroxide to whiten faster. It is a 3 day whitening toothpaste. Yup, you read that right, 3 days!! just for brushing your teeth!


This is my before/after photo from using the toothpaste. This is brushing with it 2 times a day for 4 days. The improvement is awesome!!!

Update/Order business cards
If you are running low on your business cards, make sure to order some more with enough time for them to get delivered before you leave. Also, if you haven’t ordered cards in a while and your photo is out of date or any of the information has changed, you will need to order new ones. Your card will be the only part of you the companies, sponsors and other bloggers are taking home so make sure you are putting your best card forward.

Follow Conference Sponsors on Social Media
One of the best ways to connect to people is on social media, and sponsors are no exception. Once you find out who the sponsors of the conference are, head over to their social media accounts to like and follow along. You can create great interaction before you even step foot at the conference. This will put your face/name in front of theirs and give you a heads up above the other bloggers.

Connect with New Bloggers in Your Same Niche
On of the best things I come home from a conference with are friends and great connections with other bloggers. There’s not much I would trade for those relationships. Some of the bloggers I met at conferences have become IRL friends, people I talk to everyday and friends I can talk to and ask for advice. Having these bloggers on your side is a key ingredient in growing your blog and making sure you get that connection is vital at conferences. So start BEFORE the conference and cyber-mingle with those who fit into the same niche as your blog. It’ll make all the difference from when you get to meet IRL at the conference.

Plan Wardrobe
Find out what type of attire is appropriate for the conference and plan your outfits. Some conferences have a very casual feel, some are very fashion forward, some are very business like etc. Make sure you check to see what is appropriate and then plan all of your outfits. Don’t forget to plan an outfit for travel to and from as well as one extra just in case of spills. You don’t want to have to walk around with something on your clothes just because you didn’t remember to pack a spare.



  • Clothes
    Don’t forget pi’s. If you have roommates, they probably REALLY want you to remember these!! Most conferences are held in a hotel with a pool/hot tub. Take advantage at night and take a dip in the hot tub to help prevent sore muscles and also help to relax late at night after a long day of learning. You’ll also want to bring any workout clothes you might need in addition to your daily clothes.
  • Comfortable Shoes
    You will most likely be doing a lot of walking from class to class and for different off site events. Make sure to bring shoes you can be in for a LONG time!
  • Comfortable bag for carrying supplies around the conference
    You will need to carry a lot around, as well as will be collecting items throughout the conference. Make sure to bring a bag that is large enough but still comfortable to carry for a few days.
  • Surge Protector/Extention cord
    Plugs can be very limited at a conference, and your phones/computer are likely to die from all the usage. Keep these handy to prevent from complete power loss.
  • Bathroom Supplies
    Pack your shower supplies like shampoo/conditioner, razor, and body wash. You will also need everything to get ready. Check with your hotel to see if they have a blow dryer supplied. If not, don’t forget to bring yours. Any hair curlers/straighteners, clips, brushes, elastics etc to do your hair each day; finishing sprays, moose, gel etc. Also any and all makeup needed to get ready for both daytime classes and nighttime activities.
  • Note Taking supplies
    I always resort to the good ‘ol pen and paper so I purchase a cute notebook and I’m a multi-color pen user. Whatever your way of taking notes (computer, tablet, phone, paper) make sure to make it small so you can haul it around all conference.
  • Electronics and chargers
    I usually take my laptop for social media updates, quick blogging opportunities and emergencies. My DSLR for any camera classes, but otherwise I just use my iPhone to take daily pictures. That way they are easy to upload to social media and not near as heavy and bulky as my DSLR. Some people choose to take their tablet instead of laptop or for taking notes. Just don’t forget your charging cords for everything.
  • Portable Power Bank
    This will be your LIFESAVER during the conference when there is not a plug near by or you are on the go. My phone usually dies by 1-2pm from all the excess use. So throw your power bank in your bag along with your cord for easy charging.

Print out tickets/schedule ahead of time:
If they are availalbe to print, it will help to get your travel tickets printed as well as your schedule. This will help get get your there smooth and you will know where you are going and when. They will most likely give you a printed schedule at the conference registration but making a plan ahead of time will help with the planning.

 I hope that these tips can help you have a successful blogging conference. 

What else would you add to the list? Anything you always do before heading out to your first or 100th conference? Would love to hear.


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Wanna see some of the fun I had at my most recent blogging conference? Check out the short video from BYBC2015


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  1. I have yet to make it to a conference…but maybe this year! Thanks for the tips.

    • My first one was so scary, but now I make it a goal to go to at least 2 a year. The information gained from them is truly life changing for my business. I hope you get to make it to one this year.

  2. Samantha K says

    Great tips! Especially for those who are going for the first time! #client

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