Homemade Romantic Meal for 2

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Pesto & Spinach chicken with marinara bowtie pasta for Valentine's in-home dinner | www.OurThriftyIdeas.com  #Valentines4All #shop  #cbias #dinner #dessert #cake #chicken

Do you stay in for Vday? We usually don’t like to fight the crowds and it gets super expensive when we have to pay a babysitter. So usually we make some mac & cheese for the kiddos, put them to bed early and then have a romantic night together at home. So today I’m gonna share an incredibly romantic meal that you can make for that romantic night in!

Pesto & Spinach Chicken


2 large chicken breasts
1 egg
3 slices of sandwich bread
Italian seasoning
Salt & Pepper
1 tsp butter
Buitoni Pesto Sauce
Roma tomato (diced)
Sliced Mushrooms
Chopped spinach
Parmesan Cheese (shredded)


Pound out both chicken breasts to be no thicker than 1/2 inch.

Shred the bread into tiny pieces and place on a plate and toss with salt & pepper and italian sseasoning. Whip the single egg in a medium bowl. Dip both sides of the chicken breast into the egg and then into the bread crumbs. Repeat on other chicken breast.

Melt butter in a pan over medium heat. Brown each side of the chicken breasts for 2-3 minutes then remove from heat. Place an oven safe cooking rack over a baking sheet, and place both chicken breasts on top of the baking sheet (to prevent the bottom from going soggy while baking)

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes

Pull the chicken out and spread the top with Buitoni pesto sauce. Then top with diced roma tomatoes, chopped spinach, mushrooms and Parmesan cheese. Return to the oven for another 10-15 minutes.

Serve over a bowtie pasta (or other of your choice) and Buitoni marinara sauce.


Tres Leches Mini Trifle using the Nestle Tres Leches Kit - simple to make and DIVINE to taste | www.OurThriftyIdeas.com #Valentines4All #shop #cbias #dessert #trifle #cake

Tres Leches mini Trifle

Tres Leches mini Trifle


Nestle Tres Leches kit
1 cups milk
1/4 cup oil
3 eggs
Whipping Cream
Chocolate for Garnish


Mix the cake batter according to the kit box. Instead of baking it in a cake pan, spray a mini cupcake pan with non stick spray and fill each one almost to the brim. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the tops are golden brown.

Remove from the oven and let cool for at least 5 minutes. Then poke holes with a fork or toothpick all over in the cakes.

Mix the 2 cans and 1 cup of milk together until fully combined. Then pour over all the cakes . You'll use about 1/2 of the milk mixture. Let all the cake mixture soak in.

Cover and refrigerate the cakes & leftover milk mixture for at least 4 hours to let everything soak.

To put together the trifle, place a tablespoon of milk mixture into the bottom of your cup. Then layer one mini cake followed by some cream and then a round of raspberries. Repeat again until your cup is full, ending with the cream. Shred some chocolate on top of the cream and top with a single raspberry.

Chill until ready to serve


I found both the Buitoni sauces and the new Tres Leches kit at Walmart. You can make it a one stop shop for your romantic night!

Tres Leches cake kit and Buitoni pasta sauces

And just for fun, cause I love how they turned out, the cute centerpiece for our table that was made by gluing fun cupcake liners together!

Valentines Day table decor from cupcake liners and dowels

blue line


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