Monsters University Party

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throw your kids a Monsters University viewing party

Sometimes I think i’m actually a good mom!! Ya know those times that nobody is fighting, people are actually happy and I actually do something fun for my kids! Well when Monsters University came out last week, we headed straight to the store to buy it. Although we didn’t see it in the theater, we knew that it wouldn’t disappoint and would be nothing short of amazing. So we went to Walmart to get their combo pack they had on sale; 2-Disc Blu-ray + DVD + Infinity Figure.

Monsters University masks, Sully & Mike

I’m fairly certain Walmart strategically places their movie display close to the toys, because as I was grabbing our movie, both kids bolted to all of the Monsters U toys close by. They immediately fell in love with these masks and we attached for good. Seriously, Gracie even had a meltdown when she had to go potty and I would’t let her take it into the Walmart Restrooms.

throw your kids a Monsters University viewing party

We also found the cutest little Monsters University characters. Some of them I didn’t know who they were before the movie, but now we are super excited that we got them to play with. The kids have been playing “monster” ever since and hiding them around the house. Whenever you find them, you are required to scream “AAAAh, Monster!”

While we were there we also picked up some ingredients for a special Monster’s U cake. The kids got super excited to make it as soon as they saw the fun candies I got to decorate with. It amazes me the fun and creative things companies come up with. This cake seriously was so fun, because although I grew up on this cake, and we’ve made it a bunch it was different for the kids because they got to decorate it and well….it was a monster!!!!

Monsters University Party, make a monster cake


I started using my Jello Drip recipe, but usually I make it in a 9×13 pan. This time I baked it longer and made it in a tall 6 inch circle pan.

jello drip cake for a monsters university viewing party jello drip cake for a monsters university viewing party

Jello Drip Cake


1 box white cake mix
1 3 oz box jello in flavor of choice
8 oz Cool Whip
food coloring of choice (gel coloring works best)


mix the box cake mix according to the direction on the box. make sure to only use egg whites, the egg yokes will make your cake yellow. bake according to the directions as well.

Once cooked, let your cake fully cool

Using a fork, toothpick or skewer, poke holes ALL over the cake. The more holes the more spots your jello will seep thru.

Prepare your box of jello following the JIGGLER direction. Do not make it as runny as regular jello.

Poor jiggler liquid over the top of the cake, making sure to cover the whole cake.

Refridgerate, covered, for at least 2 hours.

Frost with Cool Whip shortly before serving.

jello drip cake for a monsters university viewing party

Once we made the cake part, we colored our Cool Whip green and “frosted” the cake by putting it on top, then smearing it until is fell to the bottom. We wanted the “gooey” monster look! Then we used the candy raindrops to make spikes all over the top. And of course, what monster would be complete without a million eyes, so we took the sugar eyes and placed them all around the spikes. To finish it off, we used some Halloween sprinkes that matched perfectly and the kids threw them all over the sides of the cake!!! Yup, cool mom status! I told the kids to throw sprinkles. We maybe ended up with a whole bunch all over the kitchen but oh well!

jello drip cake for a monsters university viewing party

jello drip cake for a monsters university viewing party

We also made Monster marshmallows which were super duper easy. We used patterned straws and just pushed them onto a marshmallow. Then using some candy melts, dipped the top of the marshmallow in, and then placed the eyes on before the candy dried! They turned out super duper cute, and were so easy for the kids to make themselves.

marshmallow pops for a monsters university viewing party

Watching the movie was a blast. The kids both started out sitting in their recliner and bean bag, but by the time their food was gone, they were up dancing and “scarying” just like the other monsters. I’m sure I missed parts of the movie the first time because I was watching them so much. But don’t worry, we’ve only watching it about 5 more times, so I’ve now caught all of the parts of the movie.

watching monsters university at the viewing party

And of course the kids had fun, because it was movie night, tons of treats, and family time all together!!!

marshmallow pops for a monsters university viewing party


Have YOU seen Monsters University yet? What did you think of it?

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  1. We totally bought the movie already, but I didn’t do anything fun like this, just the usual popcorn. Love the cake!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try a poke cake. Looks like your kids had a blast. Such a cute movie.

  3. Such a fun cake idea! I can’t wait to throw my kids a Monsters University party!

  4. That picture in the beginning is so blasted cute! Love this!

  5. Just watched this! this weekend! and its so cute! What a fun way to celebrate and those monsters on a stick! cute!

  6. We just watched this movie and we all loved it so much. I think I loved it more than my son even haha. You are ao cute. This is all adorable.

  7. SOOOO cute Vanessa! You are ALWAYS an INCREDIBLE mom! Love you girl!

  8. oh my gosh so stinking cute! the kiddos and the cake

  9. This cake is totally adorable! What a fun day! ​​Allyson@Domestic Superhero

  10. We haven’t seen the movie yet but we want to. The cake looks yummy. My granddaughter would love it because it is made in her favorite colour.

  11. What a fun cake! I love how your kids are hiding the monsters all over the house. So fun!

  12. So super darling! Love those marshmallows creations and your kids are too dang cute!! I love Mike and Sulley, I need to see it. I’m sure it’s adorable.

  13. Oh my! What a great little party. I absolutely LOVE that Monster Cake. Cute and easy! 🙂

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