{Round-up} Apple Apples & More Apples!!!!

Fall Apple Recipe roundup

I kinda have a love love love relationship with everything apple baked. It’s funny, cause I didn’t like it when I was little, but now I request apple {anything} for dessert! So I thought I would share some awesome apple recipes that you should totally try!

Apple Cinnamon Roll Muffins BBQ Chicken Apple Pizza

apple cinnamon roll muffins from Sweet Little Details | BBQ chicken apple pizza from Lemon Tree Dwelling

Caramel-Apple-Pie-Pop-Tarts ApplePielarabars-1024x480

caramel apple pie pop tarts from Scarletta Bakes | applie pie cavemen bars

Hot-Apple-Cider-Funnel-Cakes Salted-Caramel-Apple-Hand-Pies


apple cider funnel cakes from Dine & Dash | salted caramel apple hand pies from Just a Taste

AppleOatmealMain2 apple tart

apple pie oatmeal from Family Feedbag | apple tart from Womens Health Mag

8017517855_6d25007a98_z AppleOrchardPorkRoast

apple pie ice cream from Your Homebased Mom | apple pork roast from The Daily Meal


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