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Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

Wow, today is the day. Today is the day that I become a teacher. I know there’s the everyday life stuff that I try to teach my kids, but today we start preschool. I have made the decision to home school both of my kids together, and start a new adventure as a family. I am so super nervous. I like structure, but I’m not the best at schedules. I like to go with the flow and so it will be different to have to stick to a certain time frame each day….we’ll see how many times I have to adjust the school time based on the kids’ moods. Right now, I am shooting for 9 am. It seems to be when the kids are most cooperative. They are well rested, well fed, and happy!

The other day I let the kids have a picnic lunch, with their new “school lunch” containers, so that we could discuss what school was going to be about, as well as start a little review.  It was so much fun, educational, and informative all at the same time.

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

I got the Rubbermaid LunchBlox kit that will be used on our field trips this year. They are so perfect for packing our lunches to keep them both seperated and cold (see that bottom blue part, it’s an ice pack!). But they are also great for helping me incorporate the lesson for the day as well. Today I’m gonna share our ABC lunch with you!

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

  • PS – if you want to buy a LunchBlox kit of your own, you can find them at target and make sure to use the $2 off LunchBlox coupons that doesn’t expire until December 31!

I wanted to see if my kids could identify the first few letters of the alphabet by their sound. So I packed our lunches with A-G, to use it as a review.

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

A- Apples

B- Bananas

C – Celery

D – Dipping

E – Eating

F – Fish

G – Granola

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

It was fun to quiz the kids by asking “what are we doing that starts with the letter E? E says eh”. Then having them answer the question. Same thing with things like, “What food starts with the letter G? G says Ga” and have them excitingly yell “GRANOLA!”

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

I cut the bread for the sandwich into the shape of a fish, then put the Smucker’s Squeezable spread (because it’s ten times easier to squeeze it in rather than scoop it) into one of the small containers. I used the Jif to go, as an easy way to include peanut butter for the sandwich and dipping for a ton of the included items; celery, pretzels, and the fruit.

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

Speaking of the fruit, I made it a little more fun by making them fruit kabobs. I put them on a toothpick inside one of the smaller containers to keep them fresh.

I also gave them some fish gummy treats for dessert. Something fun to look forward to!

Healthy & Fun Lunch on The Go from OurThriftyIdeas.com

They had so much fun, and got really excited for school. I am looking forward to using out LunchBlox many more times for our field trips and other #abetterlunch ideas during the school year!


What’s your favorite healthy lunch to pack for your kids? Have you ever tried the LunchBlox kits?


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  1. Love this! These containers are awesome and I love you are teaching them! Good luck in school this year!

  2. Great ideas! And those containers are nice!

  3. Those containers are so cute! What a fun way to do lunch!

  4. these are so great I didn’t even know they made those I’ve looked for this exact thing tons of times!

  5. You’re going to have so much fun homeschooling your kiddos! That lunch looks fantastic – what a great way to turn the meal into something fun and educational! 🙂

  6. I love the idea of an ABC lunch. Such a creative way to make learning fun!

  7. What a fun little way to have lunch with all of the different containers for everything. I love it!

  8. How fun! Does it make me sound weird that I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to go to school and I can make her really creative lunches? Lol!

    • Not at all. Making creative lunches is super fun. Mine don’t even GO anywhere and I make them fun and creative ones. It makes it more fun for them to eat it, even if they are at home.

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