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Nothing Changes if Printable on OurThriftyIdeas.com

This is the week…well not really but close. A week from today we are making out move. It’s the biggest change we have made in a long time…well, since adding a child to our family. But because this week is so busy and so on topic, I thought I would share this fun printable. 

You can download it here. It’s formatted for an 8×10. Just download and print from either a personal computer or send it to a place like Kinkos (that’s what I usually do!) then frame it! 

Because of the new changes in our life, I will be printing this and putting it in a common area at the new house. I know that I will be needing the reminder often, for the next couple of weeks.

blue line


  1. Theresa in Kitimat says:

    Thank you for sharing this great printable. It just makes so much sense.

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