Pina Colada Pastry Dessert

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Chunks O' Fruti variety pack of popsicles #FreshNFruiti

It officially feels like Spring here in Utah. I can’t even explain to you how EXCITED I am to be out and about; windows down, music loud, sunglasses on, and even the smell of sunscreen in the air.
Chunks O' Fruti variety pack of popsicles #FreshNFruiti
So last night we realized that we HAD to get some popsicles in the house. We bought these delicious Chunks O’ Fruti ones, and they didn’t even make it in the door before the kiddos tore them open and dug right in. Check out more silly pictures here
Chunks O' Fruti variety pack of popsicles #FreshNFruiti
But luckily I got a couple inside to make an AMAZ-balls yumminess dessert. The thing I loved about buying these popsicles is that even though they were in a 16 pack from Sam’s club, they separated into 4 4-packs for easy storage in the freezer.
Ok, enough about my day, lets get on to the dessert full of sweet-lusciousness.
Start with a pre-made puff pastry from the grocery store. I cut them into 2 inch circles before baking. Then placed them on a lightly greased sheet and baked them for 10-12 minutes at 400 degrees. Let them cool completely
Chunks O' Fruti variety pack of popsicles #FreshNFruiti
Pull our your Fruti Pina-Colada popsicles to soften. Remove the stick and blend until smooth. But you still want it to be thick, so if you need to, freeze again for 15-30 minutes.
Once the pastry is cooled, spread a light nuttela layer on. Top with the blended pina-colada spread and top with strawberries or even a strawberry glaze. You could also layer them to make a cookie style dessert!
 Chunks O' Fruti variety pack of popsicles #FreshNFruiti

Um, yah….my mouth is drooling all over again just writing this and looking at the delish pictures!

So, you’re wondering why I used a popsicle for this, right? Well let me tell you what’s so awesome about these particular ones. Fruti has premium natural fruit; it’s actually the first ingredient listed on the box, meaning there’s more fruit included than ANY other ingredient. They are also 100% natural. You wont find any high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or color in them.
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Are you a Sam’s Club member? On May 13, there will be a Fruti and yogurt demo going on in store. Head over and check it out. What kind of recipe would you use Fruti for besides the obvious popsicle treat?


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