“Bee Mine” Party

Our Thrifty Ideas: Bee Mine Printable used to make a plaque by burning wood

I was so excited when Aly from Entirely Eventful announced to a bunch of Utah Bloggers that she had a “Bee Mine” printable and wanted to do a fun “One Dress, 5 days” type of project.

I have been wanting to do some wood burning for a while, so I took that image, a 5×7 plaque, and a small version of the printable and went to town!


Supplies needed:

    • $.97 wood plaque from Walmart


  • Bee Mind printable



  • Wood Burner (can be bought for under $10 at Walmart)


I started by trimming out the picture, and taping it in place on the plaque to keep it from moving.



Then I traced all the lines with a pen making sure to push extra hard so it will indent the wood.


Then I traced over all the lines with my wood burner.  I then also burned around the border of the plaque. Both inside and out.

It was so fun to do. Seriously, it was therapudic to make it, and I love how it turned out.

Our Thrifty Ideas: Bee Mine Printable used to make a plaque by burning wood

I kept the little clear hangy-thingy at the top of the plaque so that I could tie ribbons and such around it for a little extra


blue line


  1. DARLING!!! I’ve honestly never burned wood before. I’ll have to try that one 🙂 xoxo

  2. That turned out adorable. I have a wood burner but don’t use it nearly enough. I’ll have to think of something fun to make with it.

  3. Vanessa this is so cute – I have always wanted to try wood burning.

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