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DIY Valentines Canvas Art

The other day I had a play date with a friend. The fun part about our play dates is that not only do the kids play, but almost always there is food and crafts involved too!! I love any reason to craft and having a friend to do it with is even more fun. We decided to make some fun canvas art for Valentine’s Day. We settled on an xoxo type art, and I love the look of the thin hearts with the thick X.
xoxo vinyl

I used my Cricut Craft Room to design the letters, but you can download my document here.

I used the Accent Essentials for the heart and Cricut Craft Room Basics for the X

Then cutting it out on vinyl, we transferred it to the canvas. The vinyl had a hard time sticking enough to the canvas to transfer from the transfer tape.
vinyl on canvas

But after a bit of tender care, we got them in place!

Next I used my fun roller tops from Plaid/Mod Podge to apply some lavender paint to the canvas, being careful as I went over the edges of the vinyl, just to not pull it up and let paint seep.

painted vinyl
After the paint had slightly dried, I removed the vinyl to reveal the raw canvas underneath.

xoxo canvas

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