New Years Resolutions


Each year, I have great intentions of making new years resolutions, but never get around to it. This year, I made a printable that our whole family is going to fill out, and put away until next year. Then we can pull it out and see if we have fulfilled what we predicted. This is more of a life challenge and prediction that just a goal for ourselves to break after a few weeks!!

And of course I made it as a printable for you guys too. This could be fun for you to do at your New years Eve party.
Download the 2013 form here

Here’s how I filled out mine

  • WANT – a down payment on a house
  • ACCOMPLISH – a family budget
  • NEED – a new cookbook to get my to try new and unique things
  • SHARE – my passion for crafts with my kids (weekly craft projects)
  • BECOME – My goal weight and pant size.

What’s your New Years Resolution gonna be?

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  1. This is great, I try not to obsess about resolutions but more solutions to help my life so I will use this to help.

    Thanks for sharing!

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